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Ishoku Ichirin

A Music Rotation Community

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Welcome to ishoku_ichirin an Asian mp3 rotation site managed by echowar, starsbright and mistofgrief. This journal is rotated with a selection of random Japanese, Korean, Twainese, Anime/Game soundtracks, and PV's.

01. These are mp3's for sample purposes only. Please delete them after 48 hours.

02. If you like the songs then support the artists by buying their CDs! Some good places to shop are: CD Japan | HMV Japan | YesAsia | Amazon Japan | iTunes Japan | iTunes Korea | HanBooks | Pure Sound | Closet Child.

03. Files will be uploaded on Megaupload and Mediafire only.

04. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OUR LINKS by claiming them as your own upload and posting it in your journal/website/forum/community. It takes a long time to upload everything for a rotation. But you CAN give others a link to this community.

05. We will not be doing mirror links (re-uploading to another server) for the time being. So please do not ask us to.

06. If you only use your journal for any of the following:
-To only join communities.
- Never post to it or hardly post in it.
- Use it for graphics or uploading only.
Then don't even bother requesting to join, you'll be automatically denied.

07. You must comment here after sending a join request. Otherwise we will automatically ignore you. Please also notice that membership is moderated, so it might take up to 24 hours for you to be accepted.

08. If, for some reason, we feel that it is necessary, we reserve the right to remove you/ban you from this community. Save the drama for your own LJs.

09. Please comment if you take anything because it will make us feel encouraged to continue maintaining and uploading things for this community.

ishoku_ichirin and it's creator/maintainers are in no way owner of any of the songs/PVs/etc uploaded to this community. Nor are we responsible for what happens to the files once they are downloaded by the members. We do not promote illegal file-sharing; instead, we hope to spread the music of the artists we love. The members of this community are encouraged to support the artists they love by purchasing their albums & other merchandise.


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Want to affiliate with us? Then comment here

If there are any concerns please PM one of us detailing the issue. We will reply as quickly as possible.

Layout: starsbright
Banner: starsbright
Moodtheme: reila (PSC), gospelle (FF Girls)
Songs uploaded at: mediafire, megaupload, and zshare

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Ishoku Ichirin - a music rotation community Ishoku Ichirin - a music rotation community Ishoku Ichirin - a music rotation community Ishoku Ichirin - a music rotation community

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